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In the context of a very, very old home and requisite major restoration, EcoBest is a team in every respect, working with each other, being respectful to us as homeowners who had lived there a very long time, were perfect in every way. It makes a difference to us if anyone does what they say they will do, and the job is done well. It makes a difference to us if anybody obviously works at what they do like it is an art: I have to sit in the same chair all the time so I watched them work, meticulous, clean, caring. So I know that they really do take pride in all their work. We have a lot to do and I work at home, and it is really appreciated the way they work so very quietly and unobtrusively. They use materials that will last. They’re swift. There isn’t anybody in the company, from telephone to finish, who isn’t courteous and thoughtful and ideal to work with. For us, it was important to meet our schedule. We weren’t disappointed. Recommend them? Without reservation.
Donna G. of Hood River, OR
Monday, December 17th
Thanks for the great work and having very professional men on my project. my wife and I have been burned by contractors in the past so this was a great relief. looking forward to our next project this spring. thanks again guys. Bruce and Sally
Bruce D. of Vancouver, WA
Monday, December 17th
I’ve been around a long time and had experience with many different contractors over the years. Most experience was decent, but I’ve had some rotten eggs too. These young men who did the work on my home sure stand out against the older contractors. It is such a breath of fresh air to not have to worry about whether or not a company is going to fulfill their end of the contract and not cut corners. My design consultant was very clean cut and professional. He was very respectful and listened well! He even took notes of every little detail I had pointed out. He even admitted to not knowing how to answer some of my questions, but assured me that he would find out and that made me feel like I wasn’t being lied to.They scheduled my job to take 5 weeks. I had only called to get a price quote on new cabinets, but after speaking with Shannon the owner I felt relieved to have found a company that can do everything! While my cabinets were being built, I had a new roof put on my house, 2 new windows in my kitchen and dining room (I’m finishing the rest of my house before winter) and my front porch rebuilt. By the time Mike and Rob finished the porch and windows, my cabinets arrived and it only took them one day to install!Thanks to all of you for everything! My cats and I love our new kitchen and porch! I recommend Ecobest to anyone who is looking for polite, professional and a high quality home improvement company that does almost everything. Patricia Lee and family
Patty L. of Vancouver, WA
Monday, December 17th
I read a review on angies list about this company after we had already signed with a different company. There was one review in particular that made me feel obligated to give these guys a chance. I called the office and got to speak with the owner and she was surprised that I had been having second thoughts about our original company. She assured me that they could help me out of my original contract legally and after thinking about it I decided to let them bid my project. So heres my personal assessment of this company: They are great. The owner was so nice every time we spoke on the phone it made me feel very comfortable. Their supervisor, who was on the job site every day or just a phone call away, kept me updated on the progress and made me feel involved. They started on time and finished ahead of schedule. Shannon, the owner, asked me to post a comment on here since my story was unique and needed to be told. I told her it was the least I could do! My Husband and I love our new roof, we love the new fence the guys built and we can’t wait until the weather clears up and we can finally get our house painted. Thanks again for everything and I hope this comment helps! Jan and Frank Hillman
Jan H. of Vancouver, WA
Monday, December 17th
We received this email this morning and just had to share,    Just want to send an email thanking you SO much for installing 'The Gutter Shutters’  on my house. They’ve performed amazingly well and it’s such a relief not to have to worry about cleaning out the leaves all the time. It’s wonderful to just listen to the water draining down the downspout (that probably sounds silly, but it is really true!)We enjoyed working with Vee, she was very kind and knowledgeable as well.  The installers were very professional and cleaned up everything perfectly. So great!!Thanks again!Sincerely,Beverly & Arnold Bunting
Beverly and Arnold B. of Oregon City, OR
Thursday, October 17th
my parents had this company do some work on their place in seattle last year and they were very nice. we had them look at our roof and our rotten patio and ended up replacing both at the same time. great custmer service and we like how professional they all are. weve already gotten tim and mike to design us a new kitchen and we are replacing it before christmas is here. thanks for making us comfortable and being so professional. we’re looking forward to our new cabinets and being able to see into the living room from the kitchen this holiday season. Kelly and Rog
Kelly G. of Battle Ground, WA
Monday, December 17th
I love my deck. Josh and Mike helped me pick out the style and color of my new deck and i couldnt have done it without them. I just wanted to say thank you all very much and thank you rose for being so great and flexible with our schedule and we’re sorry for having to leave in the middle but your guys did such a great job and we cant wait to finish the deck on the second story over the river!!! Sandy and James
Sandy S. of Battle Ground, WA
Monday, December 17th
Thanks for the hard work guys. I’m sure all of our tenants appreciate how quickly you got the siding and roofing project done. And I really appreciate how much extra time you spent covering every body’s cars with blankets and sheets so they didn’t get painted as well, even though they were fifty feet away. We’ll talk to you later. Thanks again, Elliot and Janelle
Elliot N. of Portland, OR
Monday, December 17th
Thanks for the great work. We appreciate you all being on time and on budget. The kitchen is perfect and our new roof isn’t leaking! Looking forward to finishing the windows and possibly adding that deck out back. Gen and Mike
Genifer J. of Portland, OR
Monday, December 17th
I’m writing in response to the recent posting on this review site. I met the owner of ecobest during my remodel and they are a very stand up company to work with. He asked me to write an honest review here so im happy to. Im happy with the end result of my project and would recommend them to anybody who wants a contractor that keeps you updated and is open and honest. I think the remodel industry is hurting and competitors are resorting to bad mouthing reputable contractors to damage reputations. Im smart enough to see through it. Anyway, thanks again guys and ill see you in the spring when we start my solar panel project. Leonard and Sandy
Leonard S. of Eugene, OR
Monday, December 17th
Wow. My job just got finished about two weeks ago and I’m incredibly happy. They worked with my insurance company to get my roof replaced from the wind damage. They didn’t want to pay for the interior water damage, but Josh was persistent and the insurance covered it. Rather than doing the bare minimum work, they actually upgraded insulation in my walls and attic before replacing the dry wall. Before leaving, they even added rubber gaskets behind my electrical plates and caulked around all of my windows. I’ve already noticed a huge difference! My furnace isn’t working as hard and the house is way less drafty. Thank you so much! Ryan and Jamie S.
Ryan S. of Salem, OR
Monday, December 17th
thanks for coming to our rescue. we had leaks last winter and these great guys best promptly installed a new roof and even came back after to replace the back half of our houses siding where it was rotten. thanks again and we appreciate everything and the politeness. no other company showed up on time, was as professional or offered financing and discounts to help Shelby and Jones
Shelby C. of Longview, WA
Monday, December 17th
Thank you for finishing my kitchen and bathrooms in such a timely manner. the customer service was very good and i like being updated every day on my home. thank you shannon for being so sweet on the phone every day and thank you for being such a patient crew. tell mike thank you for the hour he spent changing my light bulbs. the ceiling is very tall DS
Dezra S. of Chehalis, WA
Monday, December 17th
the fellows who all worked hard and fast during these storms to get my roof put on all dersrve a pat on the back. my wife is having mike and rylan come back next week to get our kitchen set up for the holidays. call em up and ask for mike because hes a great man to have designing your home and remodel. thank you k.m.
Kevin M. of Portland, OR
Monday, December 17th
Talk about a breath of fresh air. Finally a good construction/remodeling company is starting to work here. They are going to make some other old timers be more professional and sharpen their pencils on price. I’m very pleased to have met the young men who represent this company. They are very smart, sharp and always on time. Thanks, Mike S.
Michael S. of Astoria, OR
Monday, December 17th
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