A Walk in Shower Installed by EcoBest Home Improvements is an Excellent Investment in Your Salem, Keizer, or Springfield, OR, Residence

Walk in Shower Salem OR | Keizer | SpringfieldInterested in the benefits of a walk in shower? If so, turn to the bathroom remodeling pros at EcoBest Home Improvements. Founded in 1999, our company has transformed the bathrooms of homeowners throughout Salem, Keizer, and Springfield, Oregon, making their bathrooms more accessible, attractive, and easy to clean. If you want to upgrade your existing bath or shower, having us install one of our walk in showers is an excellent option.

A walk in shower – as its name implies – consists of a shower with a low entry threshold. You’ll find it much easier to enter and exit this type of shower than you would a shower with a high bathtub wall, which you’ll have to step over to use. The low barrier in our showers make them ideal for people with mobility issues or those who simply don’t want to risk slipping and falling while stepping over a bathtub wall.

Aside from easy access, a walk in shower from EcoBest Home Improvements will also provide the following benefits when installed in a bathroom in your Salem, Keizer, or Springfield, OR, home:

  • Beautiful aesthetics – You’ll love the sleek aesthetic of your new shower, which will look far more modern than the outdated tub or shower pan you may have now. You’ll get to choose from a wide range of color and finish options to complement the existing color scheme in your bathroom.
  • Easy cleaning – The wall liners we use in our walk in showers are made of an exceptional, non-porous acrylic, which won’t soak up moisture or grime, making them a breeze to clean.
  • Ideal functionality – If you’d like, you can have your liner enhanced with useful accessories, such as safety grab bars, corner caddies, foot pedestals, or recessed soap dishes.
  • Protection for you investment – You’ll have tremendous peace of mind knowing that your new shower will come protected by a lifetime warranty.

Contact EcoBest Home Improvements today to enjoy the many benefits of having a walk in shower installed in your Salem, Keizer, or Springfield, OR, home.