Siding Installation in Portland, OR – Enjoy a More Attractive, Energy Efficient, Tranquil Home

Siding Portland ORFor new siding that can make your Portland, OR, home more attractive, turn to EcoBest Home Improvements, a veteran-owned company that has offered eco-friendly products and craftsmanship in the Greater Portland area since 1999. There are few exterior improvements that can revamp the appearance of your home like the siding EcoBest installs. With so many colors, profile styles, and finishes to choose from, such as those meant to emulate the texture of real wood, you can achieve practically any look you have in mind for the outside of your home. But the benefits of having EcoBest install new siding on your Portland, OR, residence go far beyond just improving your home’s aesthetics. Other benefits include:

  • Energy efficiency – When you have us install one of our foam-backed siding options, your home becomes better insulated, which, in turn, can help you see substantial savings on your energy bill.
  • Noise reduction – Foam-backed siding not only insulates your home from extreme temperatures, it also deadens outside noises, such as the sound of traffic, which can make the inside of your home a more tranquil place.
  • Low maintenance – You’ll never need to re-paint or stain vinyl siding, and to clean it all you’ll need is a cloth and water, which saves you the many hours of hard work required to keep other materials looking presentable.
  • Improved re-sale value – By increasing the curb appeal of your home, and ensuring your siding won’t need to be replaced for years to come, you can receive more money for your home, if you ever decide to sell it.
  • And more

Perhaps the most important benefit that comes with choosing EcoBest for your home improvement needs has to do with our concern for the environment. As a company, we take steps to recycle all the materials we can, use locally produced materials, and partner with other businesses who share our concerns. If sustainability matters to you, too, then you should choose EcoBest as a sign of support for these types of “green” business practices. For an estimate of what it would cost to have your home siding replaced, contact us today. We proudly serve Portland, Oregon, and other cities throughout the Greater Portland area.