Shower Liner Installation in Salem, Keizer, Springfield, WA, and Cities Throughout the Surrounding Metro Area

A shower liner installed by EcoBest Home Improvements offers many advantages, compared to a full-scale shower remodeling project. If you live in Salem, Keizer, Springfield, WA, or any other nearby city, an EcoBest shower liner can make your shower look brand new, but it won’t require you to tear out and replace your tiled shower walls.

Here’s how it works: A shower liner covers over the unsightly aspects of your shower base and walls, whether that means tile that’s a color you don’t like or grout that looks unclean. You tell us what color you want your liner to be, and what accessories you want built into it – with options available to you such as a bench seat for comfort or a grab bar for safety. After we receive your custom shower liner from the manufacturer, we can install it in your home – in a single day. To install your shower liner, we’ll coat your shower walls with a powerful adhesive and then attach your liner over top, hiding the surface of your shower walls and floor underneath a ¼”-thick layer of durable non-porous acrylic.

There are many benefits to having a shower liner made out of non-porous acrylic, as EcoBest customers in Salem, Keizer, Springfield, WA, and surrounding communities have learned. These include the facts that non-porous acrylic:

  • Won’t absorb moisture or dirt the way grout can, saving you the time you’d spend periodically deep cleaning and re-grouting your shower walls
  • Requires very little maintenance, as most cleaning that will be needed can be done with a squeegee, instead of with the scrub brush and harsh cleaning sprays you would need to clean your old tiled walls
  • Resists mold, mildew, and bacteria, making your shower a more sanitary place for you to bathe
  • And more

When you want to make your shower more attractive and easier to clean, but don’t want to endure the time, mess, and cost involved with completely renovating your shower, having a shower liner installed by EcoBest is the solution for you.

We install these liners in Salem, Keizer, Springfield, Washington, and in other cities throughout the surrounding metro area. Contact us today to schedule your in-home design appointment.