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Snap Lock Standing Seam and WASP panel have a premium 35 year PVDF paint system and are available in all 13 colors.

3′ Commercial panel has a premium 30 year PVDF paint system and is available in Kelly Green, Sandstone, Battleship Gray, Blue, Desert Brown and White.

2′ Agricultural and 2 1/2″ Corrugated have a polyester paint system and are available in White, Brown, Blue, Battleship Gray, Desert Brown, Red, Kelly Green, Suntan and Forest Green.

3′ Economy has a polyester paint system and is available in Blue, Kelly Green, Battleship Gray, Brown, White and Sandstone.

Why Use a Metal Roof?

Very low maintenance. Minimum 50 year roof. Class A fire rating. Energy savings. Yearly savings on homeowners insurance. 90mph wind uplift rating. Roofing is 100% recyclable.

Our products are American made, American owned materials. EcoBest Roofing., SNAP LOCK STANDING SEAM is one of the very few panels that qualify under the BUY AMERICAN act of the Federal government.

Snap Lock Standing Seam Metal
This unique design concept of Snap Lock Standing Seam was introduced to the Northwest by Bruce & Dana, Inc. in 1983.Snap Lock features a concealed fastening system, anti-siphoning gaps and precise rib snapping action to provide what we believe to be the most watertight panel around.Available in 13 premium PVDF paint colors at .020 C galvanized. 35 year non-prorated warranty.

Panel Lengths: 2′-60
Snap Lock Submittal (PDF File).

Agricultural Roofing/Economy Rib
High rib pattern 24″ coverage 3/4″ hi rib 8” on center. Available in nine Polyester paint colors or .018 Galvanized, G90. Also available, a white skylight panel in 8′, 10′ or 12′ lengths. Due to the many types of usages of this panel, No Warranty is Available.Economy Rib is a 36″ coverage steel panel with a 3/4″ high ribs, 9″ on center. It can be used as a roof or wall panel on spans of 2′-4′ on center, depending on the actual load conditions desired.Panel Lengths: 2′ Agricultural and 3′ Economy: 3′-36′

Commercial Rib
Commercial rib is a 36″ coverage steel panel with 1.25″ high rib on 12″ on center. It can be used as a roof or wall panel on spans 2’-6’ on center depending on the actual load conditions desired.Available in six premium 30-year PVDF paint colors or .019 D Galvanized, G90 and 30 year fade and chalking warranty on the paint system.Panel Lengths: 3′-47′
Commercial Submittal (PDF File).

Available in 13 premium PVDF paint colors at .020 C galvanized.Flat and perforated panels available.  Perforated panel delivers 17 square inches of free air flow per running foot. Wall panel available with a solid R-4 backer. 35 year non-prorated warranty.Panel Lengths: 20″-24′
Wasp Documentation (PDF File).

Cleaning and Maintenance
Bruce and Dana recommends clean water washing of roof 1-2 times per year.
Our warranty is 35 years non-prorated!