Find the Ideal Metal Roof for Your Home in Salem, Keizer, or Springfield, OR, from EcoBest Home Improvements

Metal Roof Salem WA | Keizer | SpringfieldA metal roof installed by EcoBest Home Improvements will provide the absolute best protection against weather elements for your residence in Salem, Keizer, or Springfield, Oregon. Compared to an ordinary asphalt roof, the durable metal roofs we offer will hold up much better in strong winds or heavy rain. They will also last much longer than any other roofing options – fifty years or more – making your new metal roof the last one you’ll ever need.

We proudly offer numerous types of metal roofing, which vary in appearance, durability, and level of warranty. One popular style that we install consists of a snap-lock system, which conceals the screws that are used to fasten the panels, making the roof look particularly appealing. We offer this type of metal roof in thirteen different colors, so you’ll have no problem selecting one that complements the color scheme of your home in Salem, Keizer, or Springfield, OR. And, this roof will come backed by a 35-year, non-prorated warranty, which assures that your roof won’t crack, chip, or peel.

Other benefits of metal roofing installed by EcoBest Home Improvements include:

  • Energy savings – Our metal roof systems will reflect solar heat, rather than absorb it like an ordinary asphalt shingle roof would. As a result, your attic will stay cooler during the warm summer months, making it easier for your AC unit to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and potentially lowering your energy costs.
  • Insurance savings – Many insurers recognize that metal roofing protects your property better than other types of roofs, so they will often reduce your insurance premiums after you’ve had one installed on your home.
  • Sustainability – The metal roof we offer is a highly sustainable roofing option because it’s made of a high percentage of recycled materials, is 100 percent recyclable, and normally won’t require you to have your old asphalt shingle roof removed, so those shingles won’t end up in a landfill.

Contact EcoBest Home Improvements today to find the ideal metal roof for your residence in Salem, Keizer, or Springfield, OR. Our veteran-owned business proudly serves residents of these cities and surrounding areas.